France gives up on Ukraine but keeps arming Armenia

By Mehdi Ahmadzade, Day.az

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu again appeared in the Armenian media, once again declaring Paris's intentions to destabilize the situation in the South Caucasus.

According to the minister, France continues to strengthen defense relations with Armenia, and a contract has been signed to supply CAESAR guns to Yerevan. The signing was called “historic,” but in fact the historical moment will be the complete failure of all these military-political machinations.

Let us recall that earlier Lecornu and the Armenian Minister of Defense Suren Papikyan signed an agreement for the supply of various types of weapons, including the latest GM-200 radar systems capable of tracking air targets within a radius of 250 kilometers. The transfer of surface-to-air missiles and Bastion armored personnel carriers was also discussed.

As we see, France is bending over backward to prevent peace and the signing of an agreement between Baku and Yerevan. Moreover, he does this to his own detriment. Firstly, because Paris will not succeed, because Azerbaijan is taking all the necessary measures. Secondly, Ukraine comes as a question. It seems Mr. Macron was going to increase aid and even send troops to Ukraine. And now a French company, which cannot fully meet the needs of its army and supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will suddenly sell these weapons to Armenia. More precisely, it should be transferred for free, because everyone knows that there is no such money in the Armenian budget. The Armenian army received weapons from Russia through an interest-free loan within the CSTO. Moreover, their 155mm caliber differs from the Soviet 152mm caliber adopted for service.

Many countries and international organizations are expressing concern about France's actions, because its plans undermine stability not only in the South Caucasus but also beyond its borders, for example, in Africa. This is why things have been going wrong for the Macron government lately. The dissolution of parliament is clear evidence of this.

Armenia does not realize that the increase in tension at the instigation of France is to its own detriment. Thus, Yerevan is being drawn into an even greater swamp. The Armenian government needs to understand that France, pursuing a hypocritical policy, clearly pursues self-interests, and Baku never sits idle.


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