Volkswagen Golf GTI protected against AK-47 rifles’ bullets is revealed

South African armored personnel carrier manufacturer SVI Engineering, in search of new markets, has offered a commercial service for civilians: armoring of armored personnel carriers according to the Western B6 standard, protection against ordinary 7.62 rounds fired from AK-47 rifles, reports
The company's demonstration model was built on the basis of the latest generation Volkswagen Golf GTI.
The capsule, made of armored steel panels and glass, is built into the body of the car in such a way that the radical change in the appearance of the chassis is not revealed.
The elements of the armored capsule are the doors, the roof, the engine shield, and the windshield.
The fifth door remains standard; the rear bulkhead is located in the saloon behind the sofa.
The engine part is protected from the sides by separate steel plates.
The weight of such modified Golf GTI increases by 400 kg.

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